Friday, November 8, 2013

Goodbye and Hello

The time has come for us to change over to our new blog and make it official. This blog will be retired as we bring to life our venture with our families. A huge thank you to all of our regular readers and supporters. We hope you come along with us on this new venture. Throughout our planning and restructuring we purposed to become more cohesive and accessible to our community.

The official release for the new blog will be Fall 2014 along with our premiere publication. In the meantime, we are releasing an information page for families interested in submitting their stories.

Visit us at jordyn + jordan.

With love,


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tea Anyone?

There are many opportuni(teas) to get together with a friend and share a cup of coffee or tea. When is the last time you have? Here is sweet Charlotte enjoying tea.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Challenge You!

Join us in supporting Kate this month! Let's color our communities in orange. Be creative and share your pictures!

Did you know that approximately 3,500 children are diagnosed with leukemia in the United States each year? In just 2 short weeks, we are going to CELEBRATE!!! On July 22nd, we will "Paint the World Orange" to celebrate Kate's strength (only through GOD!!) through 3 full months of fighting leukemia!! Our family and friends will be wearing orange clothing complete with Celebration of Life bracelets. Many will also be painting nails and toes orange for leukemia awareness.

Will you join us? We would love for this page to be FLOODED with pictures from around the world capturing the ways you choose to "Paint the World Orange" to honor Kate and all children fighting this horrid disease.

If you would like a Celebration of Life bracelet to wear on the 22nd, you must let us know this week to allow for shipping time. Bracelets are available by donation. Just leave us a message here so we know you would like one (or many!), then head over to our family blog ( and click on the "donate" button under the header picture. You will then be directed to Paypal. Make sure you let us know how many bracelets you would like and your current mailing address in the "notes" section. If you have already donated, be assured all bracelets will be in the mail by this Friday. We were overwhelmed with response for the bracelets- thank you!

We cannot wait for the 22nd to see the world painted orange in honor of so many children who are fighting this courageous battle. Our CELEBRATION will specifically honor Kate, Livi, Austin, Emily, Zoey, Ella, Sophia Joy, JonBoy and so many others.

THANK YOU for your prayers, love and overwhelming support!!

(Excerpt provided by her mom)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kate, Stephanie & Mandie: Weekly Prayer Requests

Over the past few weeks I have kept my eyes and heart on a few families that I only became aware of through social connections. God has an amazing ability to draw other believers together. He has placed these families on my heart for different reasons and today I ask that you join us in prayer as we lift them up.

As you go throughout your week I ask that you pray for God's protection and comfort for Kate as her little body is fighting to stay healthy. God has given her so much strength throughout her chemo treatment. She continues to amaze us all with the joy that shines through her eyes despite the war going on in her little body. Pray for her family as they sit with her throughout the day/night. Pray that God gives them peace in knowing that He is with them throughout this journey. Pray that they always turn towards Him for strength in prayer.

We also ask that you pray for the Boyce family. What an amazing family. I had the opportunity to speak with Stephanie and hear her story. She has such a strong heart for the Lord. Pray that God continues to use her to bring about positive change for our children with inclusion in the church through special needs ministry. Pray that God is able to show others the example of His love for us through her love for her children and her service and support to other families she is able to reach. Pray that God grows her vision and that He points her down the path He wants her to go.

I also think of Mandie Joy. I became inspired by her service with Cradle Care and connected with her to learn more. Please pray for her as she continues to open her heart and home to little ones who need that love and protection as they wait to be united with their forever families. What an amazing mission. I pray that God continues to guide her and prepare her for her journey. I pray that she continues to pour out her love and that others are able to see her light through her words and her life.

What amazing women these three are. I pray that their testimony lights a fire in you. I pray that God is able to use you to share their story with others and create a prayer chain. We will continue to update you.

Trusting in His Amazing Grace,


Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Beautiful Blessing: Ruthie

What a beautiful blessing to finally discover the child that you now call daughter.  Welcoming Ruthie to her promised family.  Congratulations on your baby girl.

Sweet Boy : Steve

Welcoming Steve to his promised family. Congratulations on finding your sweet boy.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A New Family is Born: Laura

Congratulations to beautiful Laura and her new promised family.  What an honor to be your Orphan Warrior. God bless this family union.

"Laura" Orphan Nursery Project by Kori, see more Minted
"Laura" Orphan Nursery Project board by Kori. See more Minted